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Transcend MM Phono Stage

Transcend MM Phono Stage


Pulling out the stops on this design, I now use an outboard power supply to isolate all power supply noise from the signal path. This coupled with dual toroidal transformers for the B+, dual chokes, lifetime-rated film capacitors and tube regulation ensures robust power filtering and delivery! A heavy gauge pure OFC 3 foot umbilical cable connects to the signal chassis. (2) low-noise 12AX7s with shields perform the RIAA amplification duty and the output is delivered via a low impedance cathode follower. Shielded signal wiring is used throughout as well as Miflex KPCU Copper output coupling capacitors. All of this adds up to the phono stage performing at an entirely different level than before. Lower noise, increased dynamics and plenty of micro detail delivered with the smoothness you would expect from a top notch phono stage!