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Super 300B SET

Super 300B SET


This re-design of my popular 300B SET features loads of upgrades including a fully outboard power supply with twin 5U4GB rectifiers, dual OA3 regulators, 3 chokes and 100% film capacitors for each filter stage. Interstage transformer coupling of the driver to the 300B eliminates the "wooly syrupy" sound commonly associated with 300B amplifiers! The amplifier utilizes silver-coated copper output transformers custom made in the USA, Jupiter copper foil, paper in oil coupling caps, copper wire used throughout the signal path and copper shielding. A 6SN7 in SRPP mode for the input stage drives a 6V6 triode-strapped as the driver for the 300B. The driver stage provides extra headroom so that the 300B never sounds rolled off or compressed. This amplifier sounds like 15 watts per channel instead of the 300B's rated 8 watts per channel!