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Custom EL84 SE

Custom EL84 SE


This is an excellent one box solution for a pair of efficient speakers (92 db and up), and has on board taps for 4 and 8 ohm speakers. A triode strapped EL84 per channel produces over 2 watts per channel that provide surprising drive with a full bandwidth. Bass is extended and tight, the midrange and treble are quick and pure without any roll-off or lag. This amplifier is dead quiet in terms of self noise and noise from the speakers. A single 2 volt source can easily drive the amplifier to full output and the onboard volume control can be used to adjust volume on the fly. An over-built power supply, over built output transformers, choke filtering, film-capacitor noise reduction, Vishay resistors throughout andm Miflex KPCU coupling caps all work in synergy to make an excellent sounding amplifier!