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Hand-built Vacuum Tube Amplifiers and Preamplifiers for the the discriminating music lover.

Tube Preamps

Hand built 12AX7-based vacuum tube stereo preamplifier with tube power supply. Works well with Solid State and Tubes Amplifiers alike. Features (2) 12AX7's, (1) 5AR4 rectifier, and (2) OD3 Regulator tubes.

  • Front panel volume control and source selector
  • Rear panel "Output Level" control (to match the input sensitivity of your amp(s))
  • (1) 5AR4 (GZ34) Rectifier Tube (included)
  • (2) OD3 (VR150) Regulator Tubes (included)
  • (2) 12AX7 Line Stage tubes (included)

A robustly built 22 watt per channel amplifier expounding upon my KT88 SE amplifier, using the KT120 (KT88 can also be used), that sounds much larger than it's size. Will power even inefficient loudspeakers with depth and weight! Hand-crafted using only high quality components and built to last many years!

  • Tung Sol KT120 tubes (included)
  • Electro-Harmonix gold-pin 12AT7 (included)
  • Triode/UL mode switchable
  • Audyn coupling capacitors
  • 4/8 ohm speaker output (switchable on/off)

A pair of mono-block powerhouse amplifiers featuring a push pull design that can use the EL34, KT88, KT120, or KT150 with a pair of 6SN7's. Not for the faint of heart!

  • 100 watts per channel output
  • Fully-adjustable Bias per output tube
  • Capable of using EL34, KT88, KT120 or KT150 power tubes (Tung Sol KT150's included as a default).
  • (2) 6SN7's for the driver/phase splitter (Tung Sol 6SN7's included).
  • (2) OC3 gas-charged regulator tubes (NOS included).

Stereo preamplifier using the venerable 6SN7 octal, with 4 sets of stereo inputs, and 2 sets of stereo outputs. Variable gain up to 15 db. 5U4G tube-rectified power supply for the discerning audiophile!

  • Up to 15 db of gain (variable)
  • 5U4G tube rectified power supply
  • DC used for 6SN7 filaments for low noise
  • 4 sets of gold-plated stereo inputs
  • 2 sets of gold-plated stereo outputs

Fully upgraded version of the Unlimited model using only top-shelf components and an upgraded solid-state phono stage for lower noise, and maximized resolution!

  • Audyn "True Copper" coupling capacitors
  • Substantial Nichicon power supply filter capacitors
  • Vishay chassis-mount resistors
  • Upgraded film capacitors in the solid state phono stage (the phono stage is then fed into the tube linestage for a touch of warmth to it's high resolution).
  • Gold-plated tube sockets used throughout

A completely analog vacuum tube phono stage designed for MM cartridges or high-output MC.

  • 1 Set of Stereo turntable inputs
  • 1 set of stereo line level outputs
  • true analog design uses no chips
  • 100% point to point wired
  • (3) 12AX7's with SRPP output