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Product:Expression Tube Preamp & MM Phono Stage

"Aric Kimball builds tube audio gear at his home in rural New England. Although Aric Audio is not a household name among audiophiles (yet), Aric told me he has built/sold more than 400 preamps. Word of mouth gets around! And after spending about six weeks with these two pieces, I can see why his efforts are being rewarded. This is not the kind of gear that will interest the typical “thick-faceplate audiophile”. It doesn’t have name recognition to buoy the insecure, nor the physical presence to impress their associates. This is cottage industry hi-fi, a niche within a niche. Those who have appreciated the work of Decware, Bottlehead, and Hagerman…read on...


Product:Transcend Series KT120

"After I wrote the article What's So Irresistible About a Single-Ended Triode (SET) Amp? I started to receive scores of emails from readers asking me if I was aware of a company located in Brimfield, Massachusetts, called AricAudio and its CEO/Designer, Aric Kimball. Each reader had purchased either a tube preamplifier or SET amplifier from this company and raved about the build quality, performance level, and reasonable pricing. When I did my research into Aric's work, it was apparent that he was an innovative tube designer and a master craftsman who handbuilds high-level gear that competes with much more expensive tube equipment in today's market..."