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A120 Stereo Amplifier

A120 Stereo Amplifier


A powerful, yet refined PP amplifier capable of driving 4, 8 or 16 ohm speakers with finesse and ease! Comes shipped with a quad of Tung-Sol KT120's, a pair of JJ 5751 for drivers, and JJ 12AT7's for phase splitters. Fully adjustable Bias for EACH of the 4 power tubes, and onboard Bias meter to adjust on the fly. Bring it down to 40 mA for Class A operation, or all the way up to 100 mA for serious power. The transformers and circuit in the amp can support either mode- and anything in between. Completely hand-wired, tested and burned in by myself for reliable, quiet (you can't tell it's on until you start playing music), and powerful operation- this is an extremely flexible amplifier that very well could be the last amplifier you'll ever buy. Hammond 100 watt Output transformers come stock, or Edcor 100 watt units can be substituted (8 week lead time for Edcor to build the transformers). This amplifier uses purely analog components that have been used in tube amps since their dawn of time. No IC's, regulators, or chips used to "push" the amp into a certain mode in this design. Instead, the user has full control over the Bias, and the variable Feedback circuit as needed!