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The Unlimited

The Unlimited


This preamplifier sounds like it's 4X's its cost! Completely hand-built and wired high voltage tube preamplifier. Capable of very high gain, low distortion and beautiful tube harmonics present throughout the audio signal.

This preamp is a high gain 12AX7 cathode-follower stage, with a GZ34 rectifier tube, and twin OD3 "VR150" voltage regulators for the power supply- a very organic, clean, and no compromise circuit! 3 sets of Input run to the 12AX7 high voltage stage, and a 4th set runs to a high quality solid state phono stage with +/-1 db response, which is fed to the 12AX7 Line Stage. The phono stage is dead accurate, VERY quiet and has high gain plus warm tube sound.

This unit sounds lush, fluid, 3D and spacious, and allows you to hear EVERY nuance and harmonic of the music you're listening to.


Colors: Gloss Black, Hammered Silver, Gloss Burgundy, Cobalt Blue (*default is black)


The signal architecture is fully shielded featuring a star-grounding technique, boutique "Audyn" metalized film coupling-capacitor.