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Transcend Series KT120 SE Amplifier

Transcend Series KT120 SE Amplifier


This is my "Special" design of the KT88 amp that is essentially on steroids, with a switch that changes the cathode current to allow either 88's, 120's or 150's to be used. Additionally a switch behind each tube allows the unit to run in Triode or Ultra Linear mode. A headphone jack capable of driving ANY headphones out there with up to 2 watts per channel into 32 ohm headphones is a new addition.

A pair of 12AX7 driver tubes is used to push each channel to full output without using a preamplifier, and these can be subbed for lower gain tubes (like the 12au7 or 12at7) when one of my preamplifiers are employed. This amp BREATHES 3D, lifelike power into even inefficient 4, 8 or 16 Ohm loudspeakers (85 db @ 1W minimum). Cathode "Auto-Bias" requires no adjustments and prevents Bias failure issues