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Special KT Series Push Pull

Special KT Series Push Pull


Most push-pull amplifiers are designed to squeeze the last iota of power from the output stage and eliminate all distortion (which has the by-product of removing all of the 2nd order harmonics, while ironically raising the odd order "non pleasant" harmonics). Careful design preserves the natural harmonic content that represents the true character of a SET amp and gives it its "magic". The push pull output stage then delivers the final grip to the speakers with upwards of 80 watts per channel, using the supplied KT150's in Ultra-Linear Mode, to downwards of 20 watts per channel, using EL34's in Triode Strapped mode and everything in between. Auto Bias circuit eliminates the need for manual biasing and features two settings (high current and low current). This amplifier utlizes twin tube rectifiers, twin chokes and an exclusive film capacitor power supply.