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The Motherlode

The Motherlode


The Motherlode is a full-featured vacuum tube preamplifier (line stage and MM phono stage) with (2) 6SL7's for the Line stage stage, and (2) 6SL7's for the MM phono stage. This no compromise design also features a medical-grade toroid-based power supply with 100% film capacitor filtering regulated by a pair of OC3 gas-charged regulator tubes. The signal path is uncompromised and fully point to point wired. Jupiter PIO capacitors are used for the phono stage and the final output stage utilizes Duelund Cast PIO Copper capacitors for un-matched realistic presentation with a level of refined holography that virtually no other preamplifier is capable of. Unit can also be built as a Line Stage only for $3,800. Please send a note prior to purchase and I will invoice you directly.