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Stereo KT88 Single Ended Amplifier

Stereo KT88 Single Ended Amplifier


This is my newest product, and has taken over a year to complete the design and construction. It's a Stereo KT88 Single-Ended, Integrated Amplifier, capable of 18 watts R.M.S. per channel, with no Negative Feedback and a 20-35,000hz frequency response.

The design goal was to achieve the 3D, Lifelike presentation of an SE amp, with enough power and bass to drive even low efficiency speakers with weight and punch.

No Negative Feedback is used, thanks to the linearity, and headroom of the Japanese-Made "Tomiko" 28 watt Output Transformers. Also, what gives the amplifier more dynamics and power than similar single-ended amps, is the use of 525 volts on the Plates of the KT88's- MUCH more than almost any other amp out there. The Bias is set to be in the "comfort-zone" of the KT88's, and the higher voltage allows more power.

A pair of 12AX7 driver tubes is used to push each channel to full output. The Input stage was designed so that ANY source (A Laptop, Smart Phone, CD player, Sonos System- you name it), can EASILY drive this amp- without a preamp needed.

It is also a PERFECT match for any of my preamps.