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Refined and improved singer aptly titled- "Expression", and is a High Voltage Tube Preamplifier using a gas-charged OD3 regulator tube in the power supply.

It features 4 sets of stereo Line Inputs, and two sets of Stereo Outputs, along with a Gain control on the rear, and Volume as well as Input select on the front of the unit.

This preamp is all about lush smooth gain that my "Unlimited" version is known for, but with the cost effectiveness of the 3.7. It will drive any power amplifier out there- with headroom to spare and excellent bass, as well as lush texture and harmonics throughout the rest of the midrange and high frequency spectrum.

Completely hand-wired and hand built, it features dual independent power supply transformers, dual rectifiers, and the OD3 "Neon" Gas Charged Regulator Tube (NOS Sylvania), to regulate the power supply and provide steady, solid output regardless of voltage fluctuations in your home.

This also adds to the lush tube sounds and overall smoothness. Pure copper wiring is used throughout the unit, and silver soldered connections are all point to point.