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Custom 300B Linestage

Custom 300B Linestage


Switchable 300B/2A3 operation with the option of either 6SN7 or 6SL7 front end for higher gain. With a 5 position switchable output control, 50 ohm output impedance, headphone jack, Khozmo motorized remote volume controller, 4 sets of inputs and 2 sets of outputs, this DHT linestage can transform an otherwise great sounding system into a truly stellar sounding system! The build quality is that of a high end 2A3 or 300B amplifier using Jupiter copper foil coupling capacitors, Transcendar output transformers, a toroidal power transformer, tube rectifier and an all film capacitor power supply circuit to name just a few. Virtually ANY amplifier can be driven from this linestage due to the option of using a lower gain 6SN7 or high gain 6SL7 front end, and having full control over the gain using the resistor-based output level controller.