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Alpha 300B Push Pull

Alpha 300B Push Pull


This amplifier was designed from the ground up to be a "no holds barred" approach to the 300B in push pull mode. What it does not do, is push the tubes towards their limits, sound overly strained, too "tight" or "hard" like many push-pull amplifiers. Instead, this amplifier runs the 300B's in pure class A mode using a long-tailed pair phase splitter, a single input stage and film-capacitor cathode bias. The outboard power supply employs dual tube rectifiers, tube regulation and uses all film capacitors. As such, this amplifier responds very organically and effortlessly to the music it's fed. When listening thoughts of "quickness", "purity" and "dimensionality" all come to mind. This is a serious approach to retaining the SET sound signature along with the efficiency and dynamic slam of push-pull!