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2A3 Special SET

2A3 Special SET


This amplifier is completely point-to-point wired and uses a direct-coupled 6SN7 Input Stage into the driver to the 2A3 Power Triode. A single Audyn "True Copper" coupling/signal capacitor is used per channel. The power supply features an overbuilt transformer that is rectified via a 5U4GB ("eternal rectifier" configuration), and is then filtered via a CLCL filter using multiple chokes. DC filaments using Schottky diodes, low-ESR high speed capacitors and a common mode choke with balance control for the 2A3's for the low noise of "DC" and the lively sound of "AC". This amplifier is "Only" rated at 3.5 watts per channel, but when coupled with high efficiency loudspeakers will produce dynamic purity unheard of with conventional "higher powered" amplifiers!