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Custom built high-efficiency, high resolution loudspeakers for any room.


A true reference-quality high efficiency 3-way loudspeaker designed to sing dynamically (the Dynamic Alto). The crossovers have been fine tuned to allow the speaker to sound like one driver- with no overlap or nulls. They simply produce a focused display of the signal sent to them.

  • These speakers utilize a ribbon tweeter for transparent electrostatic-style treble reproduction, along with a 6" woven fiber midrange in an open-backed enclosure mated to a 10" long excursion woofer in a vented alignment tuned to 30 hz. The natural response of the individual drivers are smooth and coherent. Together the synergy is excellent and the imaging holographic. Individual instrumentalists are easily discernible in the mix. The ribbon tweeter is very fast and resolving, and has a fluid transition to the midrange- so much that it sounds like a single transducer reproducing the signal.