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In-Wall Kitchen Speaker and Bluetooth System

Wouldn't a quality set of In-Wall speakers in your kitchen totally rock?

Doesn't the thought of paying some custom Home Theater company mega-bucks to spend a week running wires in your house sound lame?

I'd like mix things up a bit by making this more affordable and EASIER than you thought possible. Spending years installing in homes and commercially, I've come across a few products and installation methods that can allow anyone on a fish and chips budget to enjoy lobster tail sound.

What it is:
  • A pair of high quality In-Wall speakers that flush mount in your drywall.
  • A lightweight, small, cool running amplifier to power them to room-filling volume
  • A Blue Tooth module to replace bulky, complicated and sad to look at controls.

What you need:
  • Enough space on the wall above the countertop to fit a speaker.
  • A wall that is either painted or wall-papered drywall or plaster finish (Brick, Tyle, or Faux finishes will be an upcharge).
  • A base cabinet below the speaker, and an electrical outlet somewhere nearby.
  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or iPad and your favorite music app.

What is done:
  • The area for the speaker to mount into the wall will be carefully cut, and the speaker fluch-mounted.
  • Wiring will be neatly hidden inside the wall, into the cabinets and run in a conduit to a hidden class D amplifier. This means there is literally no heat generated by the amp.
  • A Blue tooth receiver sends the signal to the amplifier, and is also hidden in the cabinets.
  • A small power supply to power the system is installed in the cabinets as well, and all that's required is a single AC outlet to plug this into. (note: a small hold can be drilled in the side of a cabinet nearby an outlet to plug this into).
  • The only other part that needs to be seen, aside from the speakers (which are in-wall), is a single push-button power switch. This can be fitted inside the cabinet, or on the face of the cabinet.

Once the system is turned on, a smartphone, Ipad, or any other blue tooth enabled device is then used to control ALL of the audio in your kitchen.

Song selection, Play, Pause and volume will all be controlled at your fingertips by your device.

This system is very cost effective, and unobtrusive, since the components used are a new class of electronics which are smaller and more lightweight due to the digital technology behind them.

Base System
  • 2 high quality 6-1/2", 2-way in-wall speakers with silk dome tweeters and paintable grills.
  • A 15 watt per channel r.m.s. (continuous 30 watts) amplifier.
  • Bluetooth signal that can be sent up to 33 feet away.
  • Base price of $500 includes all of the components needed AND installation to have a fully functional In-Wall sound system in your kitchen

Available Extra Features
  • 25 watt per channel amp and larger power supply- Add $100
  • 50 watt per channel amp and larger power supply- Add $150
  • 8" 2-way speakers with higher power handling- Add $50
  • Custom wall-plate with volume control, aux jack, and RCA jacks- Add $75
  • USB Blue Tooth adapter for PC's and Laptops- Add $25

Fill out our quote request form and choose "In-Wall Kitchen Install" as your request type to learn more about this amazing system.